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Is Danville, CA a Good Place to Live?

Seeking answers to your questions about living in Danville, CA? Here you have an in-depth exploration of everything you need to know, helping you comprehend what it would be like to live there. Unveil all that’s great and not-so-great to understand how it would feel to live in Danville, from its safe, clean streets to the vibrant community feel and excellent connections to Oakland and San Francisco.

In this guide, we offer all the information you need to make an assessment of whether Danville, CA is a nice place to live.

Renee White
Written by Renée White
  / April 2, 2024

Renée White is a top-producing real estate broker with over 20 years of experience and an annual average of 200 sales. Clients are drawn to Renée for her deep knowledge of the local Contra Costa market.

Table of content
    • Danville, CA is a beautiful suburban town in the Bay Area, surrounded by natural beauty.
    • The town offers much for professionals, families, and retirees, with a diverse community and exceptionally low crime.
    • Cultural and historical landmarks are a common sight, and the town is close to San Francisco, but the cost of living is very high.
    • Natural beauty, clean streets, and spacious homes are prominent features of the town;s environment.
    • We are experienced real estate agents in Danville, CA, and can help buyers and sellers achieve their property goals in the town.

    Is Danville, CA A Good Place To Live?

    Most people in the know will tell you that Danville, CA is a good place to live. The town offers a high quality of life, and an exceptionally low crime rate that imparts a sense of safety. There are fantastic schools throughout the city, so families and young couples may find themselves drawn to its unique suburban charms. And the sense of community throughout its neighborhoods is particularly strong, with a welcoming atmosphere and many local events.

    When exploring what’s good about Danville, CA, a few things stand out. Diversity among its citizens is a big positive, and the suburban setting offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling cities nearby. You will find an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities, such as:

    • Iron Horse Regional Trail
    • Mount Diablo State Park
    • Las Trampas Regional Wilderness
    • Local parks

    With its location in the heart of the East Bay, Danville is in close proximity to busy employment centers and many other attractions in the Bay Area. It has clean streets, reliable public transportation options, and spacious homes in many styles, which you can explore with us as your real estate agents in Danville, CA.


    What Is It Like Living In Danville, CA?

    Scratching the surface of why Danville is a good place to live unveils various sought-after activities that shape your lifestyle. There are outstanding amenities throughout the town, including:

    • Shopping and dining
    • Recreation
    • Schools
    • Cultural and arts facilities
    • Healthcare
    • Transportation

    Streets and public services are well-maintained, giving the town a refined, upmarket feel.

    One particular benefit of life in Danville, CA is the close proximity to Oakland and San Francisco. There are good transport links to both cities, meaning you have easy access to a world famous urban metro whilst basking in the peace and tranquility of your suburban haven. The town’s local authorities and residents are committed to preserving natural beauty throughout, so the town is very easy on the eye.

    One of the most popular attractions in Danville, CA is the Blackhawk Museum, housing an extensive collection of rare and vintage automobiles and also featuring art and fashion exhibits. Danville balances suburban charm with a unique character and urban-style conveniences so that residents enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle. The blend of amenities gets the balance just right, and the warm community and stunning natural surroundings help generate a lot of interest when people try to sell their homes here.

    What Makes Danville, CA Unique? Exploring Its Identity

    Throughout the United States, it is generally considered worthwhile to buy a house in California, where the real estate market is always strong. But the specifics of life in Danville, CA stand out even in this desirable state.

    The town of Danville was founded in 1858, named after a local blacksmith named Daniel Inman. The town’s early economy was based on agriculture, rich in orchards and vineyards, before experiencing significant urban growth in the mid-20th century as the San Francisco Bay Area was developed. Notable landmarks include:

    Residents enjoy a sense of safety throughout the town, and it is known as the safest town/city in the state of California. The safest neighborhoods include Blackhawk and Alamo Creek, but the town’s statistics for both violent and property crime are well below the national average. This comes down to excellent policing, an affluent community, neighborhood watch initiatives, and high-quality home security systems.


    How Accessible is Danville, CA For Buyers? Cost of Living and More

    Danville, CA is a good place to live, but buyers will find that property prices and living costs are significantly higher than the national average. While not the most expensive town to live in Contra Costa, Danville is not far off, so it may be difficult for many to find a way in. Having said that, salaries are good and there is lots of potential for appreciation if you buy there. A median household income of around $150,000 is recommended for living there.

    • Housing costs: With a median home price around $1.85 million, Danville, CA real estate costs 373% of the national average. The average rent there is $2,850 per month, which is also considerably higher than the national average.
    • Groceries: You will pay around $5.05 for a gallon of milk in Danville, which is 7.99% higher than the US average. Generally, the cost of groceries is higher in Danville and its surrounding areas than elsewhere in the country.
    • Transportation: At $4.50, the cost of gas in Danville, CA is as much as 25% higher than the national average. This is fairly standard for locations in the Bay Area.

    The cost of living in Danville, CA is very high, so it is likely to be inaccessible to many people. Median salaries there are also very high, and it may be possible to find housing at cheaper prices if you work with the right estate agent. But the upmarket reputation and close proximity to San Francisco push the cost of living higher. Property tax is another key expense, so you should be aware that life in the Bay Area comes at a premium.

    Is Danville, CA, A Good Place To Relocate?

    Making the move to Danville, CA gives you access to a sought-after blend of natural beauty and upmarket living. We can offer tailored advice from reputable real estate professionals in Danville, and can help you assess whether living there would be the right choice for you.

    Here are some recommended neighborhoods for families, young professionals, or retirees:

    • Sycamore Valley: This is an excellent choice for families to consider. It is characterized by top-rated schools, attractive parks like Sycamore Valley park, and family-oriented community events.
    • Downtown Danville: This neighborhood attracts young professionals with its vibrant atmosphere, diverse dining options, trendy shops, and close proximity to entertainment venues.
    • Diablo: For retirees, this neighborhood offers serene and upscale living that is perfect for relaxing and enjoying life. You will experience beautiful views, golf courses, and a peaceful day-to-day away from the city center.

    Work with us for a smooth transition to this beautiful town in Contra Costa to access the high-quality of life there.

    The Real Estate Market in Danville: Opportunities and Considerations

    There is always a lot of demand whenever properties become available in the Danville housing market, so be prepared for some competition. Home prices have averaged around $1.85 million in recent years, but there is a history of fluctuation and you may find an opportunity for a lower price if you keep a finger on the pulse of price trends. Average rent, meanwhile, currently sits around $2,850 per month, depending on the type of property you are looking for.

    If you are a first-time buyer with an eye on Danville real estate, you will need to be as flexible as possible in your approach. Cast your eye over emerging neighborhoods or properties with renovation potential to find low prices and potential for appreciation. We recommend that you get pre-approval for your mortgage to put yourself in a strong position, and you may find that you have to put offers on multiple properties to succeed.

    Browse our history and the properties available to work with us as your real estate agents. Our local experience will help you navigate this sophisticated market and stay up-to-date on pricing trends. Patience will probably be key in this pursuit, but we can help you examine opportunities and explore your finances to make informed decisions.

    Who Lives in Danville, CA? A Demographic Overview

    As you investigate what it’s like to live in Danville, CA, you will quickly find that the mix of age groups is a rich blend. The total population has recently shrunk to around 42,000, and there are more children than there are people over 65, with a median age of 46. Around three quarters of the population is white, but there is a significant Asian community and you will find plenty of people of mixed ethnicity. The average income in the town stands at around $117,633, but you will find plenty of people earning minimum wage in the town itself.

    The town’s diversity is fundamental to the rich cultural tapestry of Danville, CA. Danville has a burgeoning arts scene, with some prominent local artists and a number of art galleries and exhibitions. The town also preserves its historical landmarks and museums well, and has a focus on community involvement through cultural festivals, performances, and programs. Newcomers enjoy a welcoming atmosphere as there is a strong spirit of inclusiveness among the range of people that live there – this sums up all that’s good about Danville, CA.

    Life in Danville, CA: Activities, Services, and Transportation

    One of the most notable features that makes Danville, CA great is the range of superb education options. Stand-out choices include Monte Vista High School, San Ramon Valley High, and Los Cerros Middle School, but there are many great choices.

    Residents also enjoy a number of recreational activities. Golfing at the prestigious Crow Canyon Country Club is a popular choice, as is hiking and biking around the scenic Iron Horse Regional Trail or shopping and dining in Downtown Danville. The options are diverse, and there are also many great healthcare facilities and reliable internet providers, all culminating in a high quality of life in the town.

    The transportation infrastructure in Danville, CA includes:

    • Well-maintained road networks
    • County connection buses and BARY stations
    • Biking and walking routes
    • Close proximity to Oakland International Airport

    Overall, Danville is a good place to live for many reasons. If you want a vibrant, well-rounded lifestyle in the East Bay, it should be on your list of possible destinations.


    How To Live In Danville

    Living in Danville, CA gives you access to a blend of suburban comfort, natural beauty, and convenient memories. Here’s a little insight into how you can live there:

    • Housing: There are diverse housing options from spacious single-family homes in quiet neighborhoods to upscale estates in gated communities. Housing costs are high, so it takes a strategic approach to find the right home that matches your budget requirements – working with an experienced realtor is essential.
    • Community: Once you have a home in Danville, you will want to integrate into the community. This is different for everyone, but there are many events, farmers’ markets, and recreational activities you can attend or be involved in to meet like-minded people. There are also many local clubs, sports leagues, and volunteer opportunities to enhance social connections.
    • Education: The town has excellent schools that are respected all around the country. You will want to explore options for your children to find the right fit for them.
    • Recreation: If you enjoy the outdoors, you will have the opportunity to hike, bike, picnic, and engage in sports activities in the many parks, trails, and recreational facilities. Nearby Mount Diablo State Park offers stunning landscapes.
    • Amenities: Take advantage of the boutique shops, fine dining, cafes, and cultural venues in Danville’s Downtown area. Essential services, healthcare facilities, and shopping centers are all conveniently located to meet your daily needs.

    With low crime rates, clean streets, and a vibrant community, Danville offers a high quality of life once you are settled there.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Danville, CA A Nice Place To Live?

    Yes, if you seek a picturesque, tranquil, suburban lifestyle with clean streets and low crime, you won’t find many better places than Danville. There is a strong community feel and plenty of diversity.

    What Are The Best Aspects Of Living In Danville, CA?

    The rich cultural heritage, safe, clean environment, and focus on community spirit are some of the highlights of Danville. You will also enjoy the natural beauty, outdoor recreation opportunities, and comfortable, spacious homes on offer.

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