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Is Concord, CA a Good Place to Live?

Do you have questions about living in Concord, CA? Read on for a detailed exploration of the key considerations that tell you everything you need to know about life in this beautiful town. Uncover the good and the bad to understand what it is like to live in Concord, CA, from its tranquil suburban living to the splashes of urban regions and good access to San Francisco.

In our comprehensive guide, we offer the information you need to make an informed decision about whether Concord is a nice place to live.

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Renee White
Written by Renée White
  / March 13, 2024

Renée White is a top-producing real estate broker with over 20 years of experience and an annual average of 200 sales. Clients are drawn to Renée for her deep knowledge of the local Contra Costa market.

Table of content
    • Concord, CA is a sought-after suburban location in the Bay Area in Contra Costa County, surrounded by natural beauty and close to San Francisco.
    • The city has a lot to offer for young professionals, families, and retirees alike, with a diverse community and plenty of cultural and recreational opportunities.
    • The city is known for several key landmarks and excellent connections to surrounding areas, but the cost of living there is quite high.
    • Violent crime is low in the city, but property crime is relatively high, so a good home security system is recommended.
    • We are experienced, expert real estate agents in Concord, CA who have helped many buyers and sellers make their property goals a reality here.

    Is Concord, CA a Good Place to Live?

    The general consensus is that Concord, CA is a great place to live. Residents there experience a high quality of life, and the low crime rate ensures everyone feels safe and looked after. The city offers many excellent education opportunities, which makes it a very appealing destination for families and young couples with plans to have kids. There is also a strong sense of community no matter what neighborhood you are in, with frequent local events and an open, welcoming atmosphere.

    When considering what’s good about Concord, CA, there are several highlights to its overall character. The diversity throughout the city fosters a vibrant culture, whilst its suburban setting is a peaceful getaway from the bustling nearby cities. There is lots of access to outdoor recreation activities, including:

    • Local parks
    • Trails
    • Mount Diablo State Park

    With its prime location in the East Bay, Concord offers easy access to major employment centers and other attractions from the San Francisco Bay Area. It also has well-developed infrastructure and a range of housing options, which you can explore by approaching us as your real estate agents in Concord, CA.

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    How is it like living in Concord, CA?

    An exploration of why Concord is a good place to live unveils an array of sought-after lifestyles and activities. The city boasts a range of superb amenities, including:

    • Parks and recreation facilities
    • Shopping centers
    • Cultural and entertainment venues
    • Diverse dining options

    Public services are well-maintained, contributing to the refined feel of the city.

    One particular benefit of living in Concord, CA is that you are very close to San Francisco. With good transport links and close proximity, it’s easy to access the world-renowned city but you can still retreat back to your peaceful suburban environment. There is a local commitment to preserving natural beauty at every turn, so the scenery offers a deep allure.

    One of the jewels in the crown of Concord, CA is the Todos Santos Plaza, offering a rich blend of historic charm and modern amenities. Concord balances its suburban charm with urban conveniences so well that residents enjoy a fulfilling day-to-day experience. The blend of amenities is quite unique, and there is great community warmth and gorgeous natural surroundings, so it is no wonder people get so much interest when they sell their homes there.

    What Makes Concord, CA Unique? Exploring Its Identity

    Around America, it is generally considered worthwhile to buy a house in California, as it is a thriving real estate market. But what it’s like to actually live in Concord, CA makes it an extremely desirable prospect.

    Concord, CA was initially established as a farming community in the late 19th Century, evolving over the subsequent century into a thriving city famed for its strong sense of community. Notable landmarks/attractions include:

    • Mount Diablo State Park, with its scenic hiking trails and panoramic views.
    • The Concord Pavilion, a renowned outdoor amphitheater.
    • The Concord Naval Weapons Station, a former naval base.

    Residents enjoy a safe feel throughout the local community with a violent crime rate below the national average. The latest figures suggest 18.9 out of every thousand people are likely to be victims of violent crime, compared to the national average of 22.7. However, the Concord property crime rate is quite high, so home security systems are common. He western neighborhoods in the city are believed to have the higher crime rate, while the northeast is thought to have the lowest.

    the concord pavilion for is concord ca a good place to live

    How Accessible is Concord, CA For Buyers? Cost of Living and More

    Concord, CA is a good place to live, but the cost of living is higher than the national average. With that being said, it is not as high as some of the surrounding cities, making it a good prospect for the Bay Area. Currently, a recommended median household income of around $100,000 would stand you in good stead for life there.

    • Housing expenses: With a median home price of $707,000, Concord, CA real estate costs 192.9$ the national average. Average rent for a 2-bed home is $2,850, which is 93% more than the national average.
    • Groceries: Milk in Concord costs $5.05 for a half gallon, which is 7.00% higher than the national average. Generally, grocery prices in Concord are inflated compared to the wider U.S.
    • Transportation: At 25.62% higher than the national average, the cost of fuel is rather inflated in Concord, but this is not unusual for the Bay Area.

    Despite the high cost of living, Concord, CA is considered one of the more affordable areas in Contra Costa. House prices are relatively low, while median salaries are high, and the close proximity to San Francisco and upmarket reputation make it a hot prospect if you can afford it. Property tax is another ongoing expense that you will need to be mindful of. Life in the Bay Area comes at a premium because it is one of Contra Costa County’s most desirable locations.

    Is Concord, CA, A Good Place To Relocate?

    Making the move to Concord, CA provides access to a coveted balance of upscale living and beautiful, natural surroundings. Come to us for personalized advice from accomplished local real estate professionals in Concord and we can help you assess whether it is a good option for you.

    Here are some neighborhoods to explore for different types of prospective residents:

    • The Crossings: With good schools, a family-friendly atmosphere, and parks, this is a great neighborhood for growing families.
    • Downtown Concord: This is the place to be for young professionals, with a vibrant urban atmosphere that boasts trendy restaurants and entertainment centers, and good links to nearby job hotspots.
    • Clayton Valley Highlands: A peaceful neighborhood that offers a tranquil retreat for retirees seeking a slower pace of life.

    If you work with us, you can make a smooth transition to this beautiful city in Contra Costa and change your life for the better.

    The Real Estate Market in Concord: Opportunities and Considerations

    Demand is always high in the Contra Costa housing market, and this is no different in Concord, CA. Home prices there are typically around $700,000, though there is a history of fluctuation and you might find better opportunities by keeping an eye on price trends. Meanwhile, the average rent is close to $2,500 per month, depending on the type of property you live in, which is pretty good compared to some areas in California.

    If you are a first-time buyer looking to make your move here, you will need to take a flexible approach. Focus your attention on emerging neighborhoods or properties that have renovation potential to find lower prices. Getting pre-approval for your mortgage will certainly strengthen your position, and it may be necessary to put offers in on multiple properties to be successful.

    Choose us as your expert real estate agents with local experience to help navigate this complex market and gain up-to-date insights on pricing. You may have to practice patience, but we can help you explore your finances and examine trends to identify the right opportunities.

    Who Lives in Concord, CA? A Demographic Overview

    As you explore what it’s like to live in Concord, CA, you will find that there is a mix of age groups. With a population of over 122,000, there are more people under 18 than there are people over 65. Though the majority of the population is caucasian, there are strong Hispanic and Asian communities, and you will find a number of people with mixed heritage. The latest figures for the median household income suggest it is somewhere in the region of $107,000, but there are plenty of people earning minimum wage among the workforce.

    The diversity in Concord, CA is a key contributor to its rich cultural tapestry. You will find a dynamic arts scene, various culinary experiences to enjoy, and a welcoming atmosphere borne of a spirit of inclusivity due to the many types of people that live there. In part, this sums up what’s good about Concord, CA.

    Life in Concord, CA: Activities, Services, and Transportation

    One of the stand-out features that make life in Concord, CA great is its access to excellent education options. Clayton Valley Charter High School is a particularly outstanding option, but there are many renowned choices in the city.

    Residents have plenty of recreational activities to enjoy. From the upscale shopping in Todos Santos Plaza to cultural events at the Concord Pavilion, entertainment options are diverse. You can also consider the outstanding healthcare facilities and reliable internet providers as purveyors of the high quality of life the city is famed for.

    The transportation infrastructure in Concord, CA includes:

    • Well-maintained roads
    • Good-quality public transportation
    • Various walkable areas and cycling routes

    Overall, Concord is a good place to live. It should definitely be on your radar if you are seeking a dynamic, well-rounded lifestyle in the Bay Area.

    Comparing Concord, CA: How Does It Stack Up Against Other Areas?

    In comparison to other locations in California, reasons to live in Concord, CA include:

    • The high quality of life
    • Good access to San Francisco
    • Renowned cultural and entertainment centers
    • Excellent schools

    With this enjoyable upscale living, however, you have to accept a relatively high financial burden. Compared to the U.S. at large, the cost of living in Concord is higher than the national average. The excellent employment opportunities somewhat make up for this, but some may find it to be a prohibitive factor.

    Among the pros of living in Walnut Creek, particular highlights include:

    • A job market that offers diverse opportunities
    • Outstanding amenities and activities
    • Educational excellence
    • Beautiful natural surroundings

    The high cost of living and property prices will certainly stand out as the main con of living in Concord, and the high rate of property crime might be a slight concern. But you can offset that with a good home security system and participation in things like Neighborhood Watch programs.

    Concluding what it’s like to live in Concord, CA, we can sum it up as an attractive city that offers a high quality of life. Its prime location in the beautiful Bay Area is a big attraction, and we urge you to consider it if you can afford to live there.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Concord, CA a nice place to live?

    Concord, CA is a beautiful, tranquil suburban location with exceptional natural surroundings and diverse cultural and community offerings. It has close proximity to San Francisco and offers a high quality of life for residents.

    What are the best aspects of living in Concord, CA?

    Among the many highlights of living in Concord, CA, we would include high-quality housing, a well-maintained infrastructure, outstanding natural beauty, diverse cultural offerings, and exceptional schools.

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